Lighting Systems

Sparkling, Shining, and Shimmering

Luminous and Brilliant Lighting Packages

Vibrant ambiance to excite your senses

There is nothing more pivotal to the transformation of your spa, than the inclusion of a lux lighting package.

Spark passion with a desirable red hue, practice tranquility with the gentle glow of an angelic white, or follow the eccentric show of a dancing and dynamic pattern as it cultivates your perfect spa environment.

With a vast collection of colors, effects, patterns, and lighting packages, elevating your spa experience has never been more enticing.

Arctic Spas Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Inspired by the dancing night sky

Arctic Spas’ Northern Lights draws inspiration from the iridescent Aurora Borealis as it shimmers through our crisp Winter skies.

This package offers two submerged light locations that seamlessly unite to flood your spa with rich and decadent color.

Choose from a variety of color changes, fades, patterns, and sequences to create the perfect spa environment for you and your guests.

Family Lights

Lustrous lighting to complete your spa environment

The Family Lights Package shapes your spa into a dynamic and decadent environment, providing joy and entertainment to everyone of all ages.

This package features two underwater lights marrying with elegant back-lit spa lipping, controls, and drink holders. Family Lights also lends the soothing cascade of a delicately lit, four-rope waterfall, providing a harmonious sound and sight relaxation experience.

For ease of accessibility, Family Lights comes completely controlled with digital access through your spa’s top panel, and the Arctic Spas® app. With one touch, explore a range of effects such as vibrant fades, dancing patterns, solid lights, color changes, soothing glows, and multi-color combinations.

With a wide variety of options, Family Lights can easily accommodate whatever your mood desires.

Arctic Spas Family Lights
Top view of a hot tub with Ultimate Lights turned on

Ultimate Lights

The spark behind an iconic spa experience

Ultimate Lights can only be compared to the brilliancy of glowing stars, dancing in the night sky. The Ultimate Lights package provides an incandescent ambiance that radiates from every feature in your hot tub, completely transforming all jets, controls, cup holders, and sconces to shine spectacularly.

We believe that your spa should include a plethora of intentional amenities, allowing you to be purely at ease. This belief led us to the creation of complete digital control for Ultimate Lights, easily accessed through your hot tub’s top panel or within the Arctic Spas® app. With one touch, choose from a robust offering of lighting effects such as brilliant fades, dynamic patterns, solid hues, or gentle glows.

Enjoy the vibrancy that comes from an entirely luminous Arctic Spa®, only available with the Ultimate Lights package.

Corner Accent Lighting

The perfect addition to your spa

Add an imaginative and lux finish to your hot tub or All-Weather Pool with Arctic Spas’ Corner Accent Lighting.

This brilliantly lit, LED strip accentuates your hot tub’s cabinet in the most grandiose way. Whether you have opted for a delicate tonal palette, or have chosen the natural auburn of Western Red Cedar, Corner Lighting promises to compliment your spa or All-Weather Pool beautifully.

Made of polycarbonate material, corner lighting strips are impact resistant, durable, and supremely resilient against severe weather.

Elevate your relaxation experience with Corner Accent Lighting, available on Custom series spas and All-Weather Pools.

Side view of a hot tub with Corner Accent blue Light turned on
Hot tub part with a Corner Accent yellow Light
Hot tub part with a Corner Accent red Light
Hot tub part with a Corner Accent pink Light
Hot tub part with a Corner Accent blue Light
Hot tub part with a Corner Accent aqua Light